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The brilliance of this fairy tale, which was “told in Picardy by Narcisso Dufaux, aged 48 years, a cap-maker at Warloy-Baillon (Somme)”, lays in the punch line. Read for yourselves!

Skilful John

One day a poor man sent.his son, Skilful John, to carry some buttered rolls to his parents, who lived three miles off, telling him not to stop by the way. John sauntered along the road and lost his way. Seeing a light, he followed it and came to a little hut. He knocked at the door.

Skilful John a few years later...

“Tap! tap!
Open to a poor lost boy.
Tap! tap!
God therefor will have great joy.” (more…)


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After all those humans we had the last two days and the demon on top yesterday, let’s go back to lovely animal tales today.

A Rabbit with Horns
(by Jean de La Fontaine)

On a beautiful summer morning a little rabbit was enjoying the sun in a small clearance which was surrounded by thick bushes. Here the rabbit felt safe. Happily it hopped over a few tufts of heathen, it ran around carefree and wallowed contentedly in the sun-warm sand. It was almost bursting with love for life and happiness.

okay, this is actually a hare...

But suddenly the rabbit duck down into a small hollow in the ground. A stag jumped over the bushes and right afterwards a ram followed. And then a heavy bull also disrespectfully trampled right through the sunny morning realm of the little rabbit.

“What a rude lot,” cried the rabbit, “ruining my beautiful morning like this!” At it had just gotten back onto its feet, a goat jumped over the bushes. “Stop!” yelled the rabbit. “What is the meaning of this, where are you all running to?” (more…)

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