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Again, I swear this is not an animal tale. It’s actually an ancient Irish fairy tale about the devil. It’s not my fault if he decided to come in cat-shape. Is it?

The Demon Cat

There was a woman in Connemara, the wife of a fisherman; as he had always good luck, she had plenty of fish at all times stored away in the house ready for market. But, to her great annoyance, she found that a great cat used to come in at night and devour all the best and finest fish. So she kept a big stick by her, and determined to watch.

another somewhat creepy cat though not the devil

One day, as she and a woman were spinning together, the house suddenly became quite dark; and the door was burst open as if by the blast of the tempest, when in walked a. huge black cat, who went straight up to the fire, then turned round and growled at them.

“Why, surely this is the devil,” said a young girl, who was by, sorting fish. (more…)


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