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First of all – never fear, this is not another animal tale. It’s actually a fairy tale from Japan. Enjoy.

The White Fox

Many years ago, the son of a lord was hunting in the forest of Shimoda, near Yokohama. He had the rare luck to catch a snow-white female fox. He wanted to kill the animal but Yasuna, the son of the temple’s master who had joined the hunt, asked to be given the fox as a present since he knew that such foxes with white fur have magical powers, live to several thousand years of age and can shift into any shape. But the son of the lord wanted to keep the beautiful fur of the fox for himself. He thus denied Yasuna’s plea and ordered his men to kill the vixen. But Yasuna sized her by force by fighting the hunters for her and although he was bleeding from many wounds, he could flee with the animal. After he had run for a while, he collapsed in exhaustion; he had to let go of the vixen who swiftly vanished into the forest. Curiously, his betrothed Kuzunoha suddenly appeared who, as she saw his wounds, tended to them immediately and guided him home. (more…)


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