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Even though the world cup is still going on – and is still eating the bit of time I have besides university and job – let’s have a folktale today with no connection to any world cup participant. This one is from Lapland.

The Woman Wants Something for the Button

Once upon a time an old man lived in a miserable hut with his old wife. They were so poor that they had not a single thing of worth but for a golden button on top of the woman’s spindle.

Lapland's coat of arms

It was the man’s habit to go either hunting or fishing every day to provide for their basic livelihood.

Not far from the hut, there was a big hill. And people believed that there lived an elf inside who was called Kidhus and who one should be wary off.

Once, the man was going hunting as was his habit while the woman stayed home after her own habit. As the weather was beautiful on that day, she took her spindle outside and spun for a time. Then it happened that the golden button fell off the spindle and rolled so far away that the woman could no longer follow his path with her eyes. She was very unhappy about it and searched every but alas, she could not find it. (more…)


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