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Well, you were supposed to get this one yesterday, of course. But looks as if I beeped up the scheduling. Thus – have it today. A Tibetan folktale.

The Magician’s Pupil

In long past times, King Brahmadatta lived in Varanasi. There also a Chandala* lived, who was versed in spells and magic lore, and who, employing the Gandhara-Mantra, was wont to obtain by spells from the Gandhamadana mountain** such fruits and flowers as were not in season, and to present them to king Brahmadatta. The King who was highly pleased thereby, made him presents.

Now there was a Brahman youth who longed after a knowledge of spells. And in his search after them, in accordance with what he heard spoken thereof, he came from his own country to Varanasi. After he had recovered from the fatigues of his journey, he betook himself to the Brahman who was versed in spells and magic lore. And when he came before him, he said:

“I wish to serve the Pandit.”


“For the sake of learning magic.” (more…)


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