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Not sure if you can say that this blog has got its own tale when this is the first post. No, you probably can’t. But I’m kind of in love with this tale-theme right now, so please bear with me. I promise it will be more fitting in the future.

And now to briefly introduce myself…

Tales and stories always played an important role in my life. Starting from my mom reading me books and my dad telling me stories of his childhood and made-up tales to me writing my master thesis about Mongolian folktales. And then to me feeling somewhat sad that I’m not also writing my phd on folktales.

…and the idea of this blog

This is where this blog comes in because I’ve decided that somehow I need more stories, more tales, more narrating in my life. And since I like to share, this blog is meant to bring to you a colourful mixture of tales.

There will be weird tales of everyday-life, snippets of other people’s tales (quotes from favourite books, e.g.) and, of course, folktales. Many of those will be Mongolian animal tales since I had to translate quite a few of them for my m.a. thesis and they are so lovely, it would be a waste not to share them. The tales, not the translations.

Also, I want to try and post a tale a day because I love the idea of that. And really, if an apple a day can keep the doctor away, then surely a tale a day can bring joy to your day. Or something like that. I might need to work on that line a bit more. 😀

So without further ado – I declare this blog to be open!


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