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While the focus of my blog will be undoubtedly on folktales and its related genres, from time to time I also want to rec you some of my favourite tales/stories/books of all times. After all, the art of storytelling didn’t die out just because oral traditions more or less did in pur parts of the world. Sadly. But still – long live the book! 😀

My first rec is an unfuriatingly and undeservedly unknown children’s novel by the famous Erich Kästner. I’m talking about

The 35th of May, or, Conrad’s ride to the South Seas
(German original title: Der 35. Mai oder Konrad reitet in die Südsee)

Of course, I can’t tell you the whole thing but let me give you a teasing paragraph or two and for that – let’s start with the beginning: (more…)


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