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Time for some more Aesop. He is the godfather of fables after all. So it can’t hurt to read some more of his stuff. Or – to be it correctly – the stuff that is thought to be his. After all, it’s still not completely clear that he even existed. 😉

The Donkey and the Fox
by Aesop

A donkey and a fox lived together as friends for years upon year and also went hunting together. On one of their forays they so suddenly happened upon a lion that the fox feared that he would not have time to flee. So he took to a trick. With factitious friendliness he said to the lion:

“I have nothing to fear from you, most noble king! But if I may offer you my stupid friend’s meat, do just give the order.”

The lion promised him mercy and the fox lead the donkey into a pit in which he was caught.

Roaring the lion rushed upon the fox and snatched him with the words: “The donkey is a safe bet for me but you I tear apart first for your deceitfulness.”

One certainly makes the most of treason but one still does not love the traitor


Copyright for the fable’s translation: TaleTellerin
Copyright for image used: depiction of Aesop from the Nuremberg Chronicle (1483)

It might be the fact that I have too much to do with Genghis Khan in my real life but that line of moral there? Pretty much sums up how he did it. If you tried to buy yourself safety by betraying your own king/master then he would happily listen and then kill you. After all, what guarantee can there be that you wouldn’t betray him, too, if the pressure was there?

Thus this fable’s moral to me would be a more believable Genghis Khan quote than all those “I am the punishment of God”-blahs that make twitter buzz.

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