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Today, let me tell you a tale by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), the famous Danish author and poet. I only ever read his more well know tales but I’m so fascinated by this one, that there will be undoubtly more. To begin with:

The Evil Lord
by Hans Christian Andersen

full version below

Once upon a time, there lived an evil and high-spirited lord who only ever strived to conquer all the world’s countries and to inspire fear with his name alone. He travelled around with fire and sword; his soldiers trampled down the corn in the fields; they set fire to the farmers’ house so that the flames licked the leaves from the trees and the fruits hung roasted from the scorched trees. Many a poor mother hid with her naked infant behind smoking walls and the soldiers searched for her and when they found her and the child, the devilish pleasures began. Evil spirits could not have done worse. But the lord thought things were proceeding just as they were supposed to. Day after day his power grew, his name was feared by all and luck was on his site in all his deeds. He brought home large treasures from the conquered cities; in his kingly city a wealth was accumulated that was matched in no other place on earth. Now he had splendid castles, churches and halls built and everybody who saw this glory, said: “What a great lord he is!” But they did not remember the distress he had brought upon other countries, they did not hear the sighs and the misery which rose from the cremated cities. (more…)


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