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Sorry. Could thing I warned you that the posts might be not as regular. Between the world cup and apartment hunting and a presentation at university… Gah.

But today, let’s have another one of the most famous fables by Aesop. And beware of the very political contemplations at the end of this post.

The Lamb and the Wolf
by Aesop

wolf, lamb and the - ghost of its father?

A little lamb was quenching its thirst at a small stream. Further up the stream and thus closer to its well, a wolf was also drinking his fill. As soon as he caught sight of the little lamb, he cried:

“Why are you muddying the water that I want to drink?”

“How could that be possible?” replied the little lamb timidly. “I am standing down here and you so high up the stream. The water is flowing from you to me. Please believe me that it never crossed my mind to do something evil to you!”

“See! You are doing exactly what your father did six months ago. I remember very well that you were with him, too, but could make a lucky escape as I had his hide for his abuse!”

“Oh, mister!” begged the trembling little lamb, “I am but four weeks old and never even knew my father because he has been dead for so long. How could I atone for him?” (more…)


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