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Firstly, to let you know that my posting might be somewhat irregular until July 11th as the football world cup is going on and I’m watching way too much of it.

okay, it's actually a cork oak

Secondly, tomorrow Portugal is playing their first match of the tournament. And as I love them dearly, let’s have a Portuguese folktale tonight. 🙂

The Story of a Turner

There once lived a turner who was in the habit of going into a forest which was some distance from his cottage to cut down wood to make spoons. One day as he was sawing a venerable old chestnut tree he noticed a deep hole in the tree, and being curious to see what was inside he unluckily penetrated within, and immediately an enchanted Moor came forward to meet him, and in angry tones at the intrusion said to him: “Since you have dared to penetrate into my palace I order you to bring me the first thing you shall meet on reaching your cottage, but take heed that you comply with my command, otherwise you will surely die within three days.” The turner now departed and went home, where he had three daughters and a little pet dog which always came to the door to meet him.

That day, however, contrary to her custom, as ill luck would have it, it was his eldest daughter, and not his dog, who came out to meet him. This of course so distressed him that he, weeping bitterly, told her what had happened to him and what the Moor had demanded from him. But he entreated her at the same time to go with him and give herself up to the Moor, for otherwise she and her sisters would remain without a supporter or protection. (more…)


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